Friday, March 12, 2010

picture frame

so i'm currently have this altered picture frame kick.  you can find this "naked" wooden frame at michaels for $1.  this one i covered sheet music (picked up a book of it at the thrift store for uber cheap!) using modge podge, stamped the swirlys (stampin' ups boraque set), then sanded the edges with sand paper.  i inked the edges with holtz distress ink. 
those fabulous flowers i learned how to make at the portland scrap expo last month.  it's a circle of paper (i used sheet music), cut edges with those crazy scallop scissors and crumple, crumple, crumple.  unfold your circles and mist with shimmer inks (this is new, i'll post more about this great product later) and let dry.  k.  here's where it gets tricky without photo step-by-steps:  make fist with your hand and hold hand with thumb up.  place circle on top of hand centered  with hole created between index finger & thumb.  push paper down threw hand and grab from underneath.  twist, twist, twist.  now the top is a pretty flower!  once bottom is finely twisted, cut bottom half of twisty off and adhere (wet glue works best) to a scrap piece of paper. 

it's nice to be back, i have lots of other projects i can't wait to share!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

my new craft room

for christmas this year i got a whole new craft room. my mr. mr. painted the room a lovely sour apple green and we put bright pink, sunny yellow, & white polka dots all over.

 Him & his dad made 40 boxes (some with drawers, some with shelves, others empty) and he painted those to match.  he also made the HUGE desk for me!  isn't it just calling out, "create in me!"?  i agree.
and look at that hutch!  is that a great piece or what?!  we found matching hot pink chairs at target so the girls can create with me too!

i'm baaaack!!

OMG i am so glad to be able to say that once again, i have computer access!  i can share my creations with you again!  SOOOO EXCITED!!!  well, i have missed you all, even if none of you noticed that i was gone.  my oldest daughters birthday is coming up, think the first thing i'll post is her birthday party invites.