Thursday, March 8, 2007

my husband

first let me explain him to you. he is the most talented man i think i have ever met, much less known. now don't confuse talent with intelligence. the man can build furniture and buildings from scratch, can make me lingerie without a pattern, cook like a chef from france, and doesn't know what month follows the next. he is so talented that i find myself hating him for it rather than finding myself lucky and proud. he is an incredible man that has been successful at everything he touches.
for valentines day he took advantage of my supplies and made me a card. one more thing that he's good at. he got out my cuttlebug and used the swirl embossing folder on the black CS, then combined three different sets (that coordinate, how did he know?) to stamp the card. he even stamped on the inside! i won't tell you what he wrote on the inside, but those nine words are the best i have ever gotten from him.
he also helped the kids make me cards. what a great holiday!

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Anonymous said...

You are one very, very lucky woman to have Mike as your husband. I know you've had some tought times (i don't know details and don't think it's any of my business) but wow. If only mine could be as thoughtful without me having to bug him for two months just to take out the garbage. I know how much he must love you and the girls. I'll trade any time. Just let me know!!