Monday, March 31, 2008

road trip with grandma

some other older photos came out and got used this last weekend.
my mother took the girls to see my aunt and uncle a year or so ago, they had so much fun that weekend!
saw this super cute idea using the SU "abc" wheel to make a road, and got to try it! used SU Bblack CS & Wwhite craft ink w/ the wheel to make my 'road' and used the truck from the SU set "loads of love". i used the girl from the SU "loads of love accessories" to make my little ladies. i colored their shirts the same color as my mom and the girls were wearing in the photos to make them more recognizable. coloring was done with colored pencils and OMS. since my girls are still young, i printed out a map and directions using map quest and used it in the page also.
have a great day!

oh!!!!!! trivia! last question was, "there were a bunch of stars in 'reality bites', can you name 4 of them?" here are the popular ones: wynona ryder, ethan hawke, ben stiller, janeane garafalo, and steve zahn.

current trivia question: from the movie 'the rocky horror picture show', what were the names of the characters played by tim curry & susan sarandon?
have fun!


Expressions of a Creative Mind said...

Renee Zellweger
David Spade
Andy Dick
John Mahoney

Betsy said...

I know Susan Sarandon was Janet (dammit Janet!) but I can't remember Tim Curry's character's name. Do I get extra points if I can dance the Time Warp??? Thanks for the fun.