Monday, May 21, 2007

a must have for $13.99!

below you will find the add for the punch that i cannot wait to come in stock so i can buy it! it's located here if you're interested (at createforless. com). just wanted to share the product and the price! i found about 7 on ebay today, all of which were $25 or over (+ shipping!) and have not found one for under $20 anywhere. i guess that would explain why they're out of stock....

Uchida Clever Lever Giga Punch Scalloped Circle 2 7/8"

Description: Uchida Clever Lever Giga Craft Punches each have metal shapes with plastic bodies. They are simple to use with these wonderful lever style tops. These punches can be easily sharpened by punching thin aluminum foil or lubricated by punching wax paper. Have fun making scrapbooks, cards, bookmarks, confetti and more. Scalloped Circle 2 7/8"

See entire product line.

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