Tuesday, September 4, 2007

hearing aid battery tag

d'Ete started school today, going into the third grade! where has time gone? she recently got her hearing aid (2 weeks ago) and the Dr. recommended that we give a spare battery tester w/ some batteries to her teacher just in case. well, having seen the inside of some other teachers desks (don't ask, LOL!), i knew it would have to be something that stood out and wouldn't get lost amidst the turmoil. so here's what i came up with!

this is some heavy duty chipboard (when you gets packs of paper, you all save the "chipboard" from the back of the stack, right?) that i cut to size. i used some "unknown" paper w/ rubber cement to cover the board and clamped together until dry. when it was dry, i sanded the edges then ink distressed w/ SU Cchip ink. "d" is from SU set "big deal alphabet", i stamped it in Cchip & clear embossed. you can't really see it in the photo, but there is a pocket on the front. right under the hole (crop-o-dile) i notched out (circle punch) a spot for easy access to the tag that will go inside, adhered pocket w/ tacky tape.

here's the inside tag. used textured ivory CS and ink distressed w/ SU Cchip around the edges. wrote on tag w/ SU Cchip marker (back has contact info on it). i gathered up a bit of ribbons that were either pink or brown (or both) and using tacky tape across the back top, put layer after layer of different ribbons. when i had it the way i liked it, i stapled it on the front twice.

finished product! tag fit nicely into pocket, looks great! the hole in the chipboard was used to "hang", "thread" whatever you'd like to call it, the battery tester through.

so DH looks at it and says, "it's a little fancy, don't you think?"
boy did i love hearing the teachers & their aids compliment me on it when we dropped her off with it this morning! and the deep sighs and the look on his face..... ahhh, priceless!

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