Wednesday, February 6, 2008

two cards!

saw a layout similar to this in the new edition of "cards", so here i am, the "casing queen" with my take on it.

recipe for card #1:
paper- CB is textured pink, all DP is from "winter mat stack" DCWV, SU Wwhite sentiment panel
ink- jim holtz "old photo" distress ink
stamps- SU "blooming w/ happiness"
accessories- SU corner rounder punch, silk flower, brad, SU paper distresser, bone folder.

second card, i just love the faux frame technique with this set. this set is fabulous!

second card recipe:
paper- SU Wwhite
ink- all SU Ssaffron, Rred, Oolive, Mmoss, Wwasabi, Ccelery, and Cchip
stamps- SU "trees three", sentiment from rubber soul, heart from judith
accessories- coluzzle cutting system (i used oval)

hey jenn, how do you do a faux frame technique? wow, i am so sorry! let me tell you!
-first, select your card base. frame size will depend on that.
-get another scrap paper that is the size of your card front and using coluzzle cutting system (or nestabilities, or whatever else you might use that i'm not lucky enough to have *wink wink*), cut out shape that you want for your frame that is smaller than your card base.
-you do not need the paper that you cut out, you need the "frame" that you created in the scrap paper.
-tape scrap paper frame to graph paper, or desk, over actual card base.
-begin stamping! you can stamp all over within the frame, whatever your heart desires!
-when complete, take taped "frame" off and look at your masterpiece!
i'd love to see your creations with this fun technique!

so i actually have an excuse for not posting in awhile. i haven't been able to open my mouth much more than an inch since last thursday. monday morning, i decided i was in too much pain and needed to eat and sleep and would call the dentist. well, my wisdom tooth (that was suppossed to be removed over a year ago, but i'm too chicken) had come in sideways and was prohibiting my jaw from working right, hence my mouth wasn't opening. so they had to take it out. and i was awake for the whole thing! just thinking about it still makes me cring! did i spell that right? DH re-did our computer, we now have vista (which i think i hate) and for some reason, there's no automatic spell check! kinda scary that you all might see what i actually type since it won't highlight mistakes in red for me to fix.....

ok, on to the trivia! the answer to the last question (on what sitcome did tom hanks star as a guy who, along with his friend, dressed up as women to live in a rent controlled, female only apartment complex?) was bosom buddies! bonnie, maria, and lori know thier cross-dressing history! =D

and for the current trivia question, what was the last name of the family that adopted emmanuel lewis' character on webster? good luck & have fun!


PaperAddict said...

Hiya Jenn,
Love the distressing on the hearts, and the colors and the paper - beautiful!
Great job on the tree card, too!

Alex said...

I love the distressed hearts card, its beautiful xx

Mel M. M. M. said...

OMG I am in mad love with that long card. What a great look. I love how it feels like it's made with fabric. I think I hafta case the case-queen!!! The tress three is awesomely sweet with the hearts too! :0) Mel

Betsy said...

Sorry to hear about your tooth...hoping you are past that by now. I'm completely stumped by your trivia...I'll check back later for the answer.

Lori said...

Great card and must say, I'm stumped on the Webster trivia without looking it up...which I'll break down and do after I post, I'm sure. If I case Mel's case of your card, does that make me a SBS2 caser, once removed???

Sorry to hear about teeth. I had all four of mine out one afternoon 22 years ago. I have three of them in an old trinket box and one was donated for a science experiment. Yes, soda can eat away at a tooth very rapidly!!

Have a great weekend!


Lori said...

Okay...wikipedia came to my trivia rescue but since I had to look it up, I won't post the answer.

Lori SBS2

~Michelle~ said...

both of the cards are very the's a very fun look with that stamp set. I also love the shabby look of the first card! fun, fun, fun!

Maria said...

Both you card looks fabulous! I love the coloring on your second card.

Wow, you had to pull your wisdom tooth out! Eeek! That must have been painful! Well, I hope you're okay now!

As for your trivia question. . .I can picture the boy's face and character but can't remember the last name. This is a tough one!!

Your SBS2 sis,

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Great cards! I'm cringing reading your wisdom tooth story! Ugh! I loved Bosom Buddies! I think I had a crush on Tom Hanks when that was on TV!

Fabrizio said...

Hi Jennifer, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Your cards are stunning......I love those Halloween ones ! Gorgeous ! Fab X

savitri said...

I love your distressed card and the stamped tree with hearts was just a neat idea!!! Love both of them!

I do though dislike, hate, your trivia. I could never guess :D:D

Lori said...

Love the cards. Trees Three is one of my favorite sets and I love to use the faux frame technique with it, too. Hope you're feeling better now that your wisdom tooth is out!

Bouncy, Flouncy, Fun,Fun, Fun said...

Great cards, jenn! I really love that first one but the hearts on the tree in the second one is a great idea!
Sorry that you've been dealing with mouth pain! Sure glad you got it taken care of.
You have stumped me with this trivia question. I never really watched Webster.

Expressions of a Creative Mind said...

These look really great! I really like the one with the heart tree!!

Laurie Unger said...

Jenn-hope your opening your mouth now that you finally got your wisdom tooth out! That'll teach for putting things like that off! :-P Might want to check your email....need a favor....please! Love the cards! and I think you stumped everyone with the Webster trivia!

AnnMarie said...

Hey Jenn! These are both absolutely beautiful! I LOVE the colors on the long card and the heart apples on your tree card are adorable! Very nice job! : )

Miss C. said...

Love that first card. So cute and colorful! Right up my alley. The three trees card was great too but that long one stole the show. Fabulous job! As for the trivia, I have no clue again. :D

Tina said...

the cards are very pretty!