Friday, June 15, 2007

gone fishin'

i had two days off in a row. that's two days off, and both of them smack dab together! YEE HAW! so what did we do? well, the first day we went to town ("you must be a red-neck if...") to get groceries and i need a dress for my sisters wedding (yeah... didn't think that one through. i thought it would be no big deal, we'd be in and out. take the kids, they'd be good. yeah.... i didn't get a dress but i came home with a headache. *no matter what, i love 'em!). so we just messed around the first day doing nothing productive (i have less than a week to get my house perfect for the shower, with no more days off in between!). then today, the second day off, we slept in (that was nice, however, also unproductive), made a great breakfast (i can't remember the last time i got breakfast that wasn't an egg muffin! or cinnamon melt, but those are just to die for!), then got some stuff done. DH mowed most of the lawn (this is the first real mowing that we've been able to do this year! trust me, it was SOO needed, and i was SOOO impressed that he got it all done today!), i got some FD stuff done, cleaned the bathrooms and picked up our room. looked online to price vacation stuff (we are looking at a disneyland vacation in fall of '08, don't tell the girls!). when our oldest got off the school bus we decided to go fishing! got out the poles, packed some snacks, and put on our boots. off to the lake we went! we only caught one that was worth keeping, well, dad caught it. but we did get to see some really cool frogs! all in all, i didn't get everything done that i wanted to, that's normal. but today was different, today was a good day.

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