Tuesday, August 28, 2007

home-made ribbon box

-Started the box with a "back-to-school" shoe box (they do come in handy for more than just shoe storage!). i picked the longest box (more spools fit inside), and one that has a lid that is attatched at the back (it flips up).

-since the box is so long, regular 12x12 paper wouldn't cover it. my big 'ol book of retired wallpaper from the local home improvement store really came to the rescue!

-i did squares for the sides (both top/lid & bottom) first. i used rubber cement both on the box & on the paper. to ensure that the thick paper was sticking to the box, i used my small clamps to hold paper in place while cement dried (got them4 for $1 at the local home improvement store).

-for the front & back, i used my tacky tape around the edges, rubber cement all over inside the tape and on the box. pictured here, you can see the tacky tape before and after i took off the backing (red is the backing, clear is just the tape).

-here, the wall paper is clamped to the front of the box, just to make sure that it sticks.

-i picked a similar design for the top & front top lid. i used my stazon black pad to stamp "ribbons" in paper using SU headline and big deal alphabet sets.

-for the front lid, i used both tacky tape & rubber cement on both the box & paper. clamps were used to keep paper to box while cement hardened.

-i used a ruler to map out holes in two lines, across the front of the box. i used my paper piercer to make the holes.
-to make the holes large enough for the ribbon to go through, i used a generic plastic bone folder that i found somewhere. this bone folder is like a regular bone folder on one side, on the other it's curved and got a point. it gets as wide as a ball point pen about 1 inch in.

-beginning to put spools into the box, threading the ribbons through the holes.

-final look of the ribbon box.

-in use, in it's "place".

this was a fun project, although i still have ribbon without a home (i also have 2 of the SU ribbon keepers that are full!), but there's no where left to put another box!


Stephanie Ibabao said...

That's an awesome idea!

Anonymous said...

What phrase... super, remarkable idea

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