Thursday, December 20, 2007


and HUGE thanks to gabby!

so today, checking the mail was AWESOME! here's the great candy that
i got. once the girls saw that i got out the camera and was going to take
pictures of something, anything, they just HAD to be in the photos.

soooo, here they are! modeling the great stuff that gabby sent! i got
some stamps, some papers, an acrylic block, some die cuts, some note-
books, some, some, some... IT'S SO VERY EXCITING!

so, before i sit down to open and play, once again.....


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Gabby said...

OMG...can you believe I barely came here to say YOU ARE VERY WELCOME!!! Thanks for joining the candy challenge and congrats! Your kiddoes are precious! They know they're cute...that's why they should be in front of the camera! LOL! Have fun with your "candy" if you already haven'