Sunday, July 6, 2008

"simply shabby"

in the current issue of 'take ten', there's an article that i just loved and found oh-so-interesting! on pages 34-36 of the summer 2008 issue, kim hughes did an article, with card examples that you must buy the magazine to see, they're fabulous!
i would like to share kim's shabby ideas with you!

"kims shabby tips-
1. use a sand block to soften the edges when using paper with a white core.
2. use chalks to soften the edges of papers.
3. use chalk inks for a soft edge.
4. use dark inks to grunge up the look.
5. crinkle paper and flatten to add texture.
6. crinkle and sand the paper for a textured, aged look.
7. use walnut inks to give it a washed look.
8. curl up the edges of paper for a worn look."

hope this helps you with your de-stressing of paper!

1 comment:

~Michelle~ said...

I just love de-stressing paper! ;)
It adds a whole new dimension! Thanks for the tips...I have that mag around here somewhere!! LOL!